Our Therapists

Cheryl Gibson RMT

Cheryl is a client focused practitioner who has been practicing for over 25 years. Her empathetic nature and specific treatments are a perfect combination for an effective, highly enjoyable treatment.

Danielle Segal RMT

Danielle has a particular affinity for treating chronic headaches, whiplash injuries and temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunctions. Her style of therapy is deep and effective. She will work within a patient’s comfort tolerance to develop a treatment plan that will treat the affected area, decrease pain and encourage regeneration of the tissues involved.

Dave Veenstra RMT

Dave is a keen body builder and athlete. His knowledge of exercise assists him in his approach to massage therapy. Dave excels at deep tissue treatment and home exercise programs, always working with the patient to provide excellent outcomes.

Erin Gilmore RMT

Erin uses fascial techniques to help the body unlock initially. She then employs the use of very specific deep tissue techniques to further the outcome. Erin’s compassion and dedication is evident in every treatment she provides.

Gillian Anderson RMT

Gillian is passionate about massage therapy and is motivated by a desire to make a difference in the quality of her clients lives through increasing mobility, decreasing pain and providing an overall sense of relaxation and wellbeing. She works deeply, using a variety of therapeutic techniques and tailoring her treatments to suit each individual client’s needs.

Kelly Grealey RMT

Kelly discovered massage as a second career in her life and she clearly was meant to be doing this. Kelly is a committed and highly effective massage therapist who focuses completely on her clients’ needs using specific, deep therapy.

Paula Jane Moore RMT

Paula Jane has been a massage therapist for over two decades. She uses hot stone therapy to complement her thorough and effective treatments. Paula Jane’s goal is to achieve the best possible results for her clients.

Melissa Komarnicky RMT

Melissa is professional, caring and effective. She uses myofascial release, deep tissue and a number of other methods to promote a healthy well rounded mind and body. She takes time to design each massage to the client’s needs Melissa was born and raised on the North Shore and is also a trained chef!

Stephen Hedman RMT

Steven comes to EMT with many years of experience. His previous experience includes working with the BC Lions and the Whitecaps. Steven has trained in a variety of modalities and is extremely client focused. Deep tissue & cranial are among his approaches.

Susan Stewart RMT BA

Susan is the owner/-founder of Edgemont Massage Therapy. She is highly focused on meeting her client’s desired outcomes. Susan is very thorough and uses many different techniques to achieve goals including very specific deep tissue massage. Susan believes in relaxing the nervous system first – she uses calming music and a calm environment to help the client relax fully. She also believes that quiet sessions can increase the overall satisfaction of the client as well as optimize results so feel free to be quiet!

Warren Hatch RMT BA

Warren was a personal trainer for 10 years prior to becoming an RMT. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge from this experience and also from his experience as a UBC scholarship track runner. Warren is has been a certified personal trainer for years.  His approach to massage therapy is very deep tissue – he has a great ability to find the areas that really need unlocking. Warren is extremely committed to helping you achieve the goals you have set for the treatment.

Shivani Sarsthi RMT  

Shivani is a holistic massage therapist who brings in a lot of her other trainings into her massage approach. Shivani studies acting among other things and enjoys travelling the world to pursue her many interests. You will leave feeling refreshed, revived and relaxed with Shivani’s expert touch.

 Holli Husband Deep Tissue Bodyworker

Holli has worked doing massage for over 20 years. A former RMT, Holli now chooses to work as a deep tissue bodyworker. She is an Ironwoman, trained in yoga, aromatherapy and Body Talk. Holli can do anything from sports to relaxation massage however she does not provide assessment nor treatment plans.

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